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  • 2014 – 2019Strategic Business Plan

    In 2013 and early 2014, The Sir Andrew Macphail Foundation, under the leadership of the Operations Committee, completed a Strategic Business Plan (5 year).

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  • The Master’s Wife, a theatrical celebration

    Thanks to the Prince Edward Island 2014 funding, The Master’s Wife, a Theatrical Celebration will take place summer and fall, 2014.

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Monday, December 06, 2010


The Sir Andrew Macphail Homestead Foundation operates as a not for profit organization. Our goal is to  honour Sir Andrew Macphail’s contribution to our heritage by preserving his birthplace as an educational facility and interpretive centre.

Step back in time and enjoy the tranquil surroundings of a by-gone era. Take a guided tour with our historical interpreter to learn more about the artefacts on display and the many unique pieces of our heritage found on the property, including the original cracked bell from the Valleyfield church and the entrance pillars from the engineering building at McGill University, that burned to the ground in 1907.

Current Board of Directors

Harry Baglole, President; Peter Metaxas, Vice-president;  Karen Murchison, Treasurer; Beth Hoar, Secretary; Laura VonZittwitz, Director; Dr. John Demarsh, Director; Bryan Grimmelt, Director; and Doreen Huestis, Director.

Site Director, Mary MacQueen Elliott


AGM, May 20, 2015

Members and Friends of Macphails are invited to attend the 2015 Annual General Meeting.  Reception will begin at 6:pm; new kitchen tour 6:30; Special Guest Speaker, Eric Edward will present  The Vision of the Macphail Woods Project at 7:pm, and the formal meeting will start at 7:30 pm.

Eric Edward has been working at Macphail Woods since 1998. He is involved in all aspects of the project and though he is particularly good at digging holes (in which to plant trees), his most important role has been as educator. Under his leadership the summer camps, Sharing a Love of Nature, have grown by leaps and bounds and now occupy much of his summer.

“Eric will talk about the humble beginnings of the project in 1991, what Macphail Woods has accomplished in the ensuing 24 years, and where he feels it could go in the future. While the project presently has a long history with many honours and accolades, Eric feels that they’ve really only scratched the surface of what the project could encompass.”

Medicinal Herbs Workshop at Macphail Homestead, June 13, 2015

An introduction to using medicinal herbs will be offered at Macphail Homestead in Orwell on June 13th from 1:00 to 4:00. This workshop will be an introduction to using medicinal herbs including growing, wildcrafting (gathering them in the wild), harvesting, storing, and using them. Participants will be encouraged to bring any herb books they have and to share their experiences with herbs.

Properties of herbs and their energy and flavours will be explained to understand why certain herbs are used for various conditions. Some of the herbs to be covered will be comfrey, dandelions, sage, lemon balm, lady’s mantle, dill and elecampane.

There will be the opportunity to taste various herbal teas such as linden flowers, stinging nettle, and lavender and to go outside to identify some of the herbs growing around Macphail’s.

The facilitator, Jeanne Maki, has grown and used herbs for healing for many years and has studied herbology through The East/West Herb Course (Michael Tierra).

For more information and to register please go to http://www.macphailhomestead.ca or call the Homestead at 902-651-2789.


We are now closed for the season, (Dec. 20th, 2014-June 1st, 2015) other than special events which will be announced under activities.  We take this opportunity to thank everyone; our members, our Board and our Staff for a very successful 2014. We look forward to seeing all of you in 2015.

The Foundation acknowledges the financial support from the Government of Prince Edward Island, as well as the most generous support of Vesey’s Seeds Ltd, towards the Homestead Garden Project. Thanks, also, go to the Community Museums Association and the Canadian Museums Association for their ongoing support and Canada Summer Jobs for assisting us to hire our Outdoor Tour Guide this summer. New in 2014 is NABUURS GARDENS, MONTAGUE, for their generous donations to our Heritage Garden.


On Sept. 14th, 2014, we launched our Five Year Fund Raising Campaign, with a goal to reach 50 members and a total of receiptable donations of $10,000.  As of December, 31st, 2014, we have 51 members and $14,000.+ in receiptable donations.

Thanks to our special event Sponsors, and Fund Raising Campaign sponsors, including MARITIME ELECTRIC, TD BANK, and E-ACCOUNTING LTD. and our many wonderful members and friends of Macphails, for their continued support of our programs, exhibits and activities.

Ticket Sales, Rentals, etc.

The Homestead accepts cash only – no credit or debit cards. Thank you.


Macphail Woods – One of the most joyful experiences of the Macphail estate is hiking along the trails through the Macphail woods.  This part of the property is beautifully managed by Gary Schneider and his able team. To view more information about the woods and the activities there, go to:  http://macphailwoods.org


Orwell Corner Historic Village is just down the lane from Macphail’s. A very interesting museum depicting the early agricultural life of the Island. They also have several activities throughout the season. 

Opening night, June 28th, of The Master’s Wife: A Theatrical Celebration, was the beginning of a very successful summer and fall series for this special 2014 project, which was held at the Orwell Corner Historic Hall, and then every Wednesday, from July 2nd until August 6th at the Historic Hall. ‘The Fall Tour, saw this play, held at many rural halls across the Island, and they were very successful as well.  We thank our major sponsor, 2014 Fund for their wonderful support. For more information, see The Master’s Wife tab on our site.

To view more information about the Orwell Corner activities, go to:


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