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GPS for trucks can be found in either a laptop based GPS or a stand alone GPS. Most likely the best known laptop computer application is CoPilot ® Truck. The stand alone GPS for trucks consist of Teletype World Nav 7200, Goodyear GY500X, Garmin Streetpilot 7200, Garmin Nuvi 5000, or Garmin Nuvi 465T. In this post, we will take a look at the Garmin trucker friendly GPS.

The largest screen Garmin GPS for trucks is the Streetpilot 7200. This GPS has a supersized 7 inch diagonal screen. The Streetpilot 7200 was not specifically produced truckers, but since of the big screen size, it has ended up being a popular GPS for trucks. The 7200 was terminated by Garmin, but you can still purchase this GPS. The 7200 does not operate on batteries and need to be connected to the truck power at all times best truckers gps.

The current big screen Garmin unit is the Nuvi 5000. This GPS for trucks has a 5.2 inch display. This is the largest display in the Nuvi line. Like the Streetpilot 7200, the Nuvi 5000 does not operate on batteries and must be connected to the truck power for operations at all times.

The Garmin Nuvi 465T is the only Garmin GPS made particularly for trucks. It has the NTTS (National Truck & Trailer Providers) Breakdown Directory, specialized routing alternatives to support truck-related limitations (personalized by height, weight, length, width, and harmful products) throughout the lower 48 states, and truck-friendly points of interest.

The Nuvi 465T features Bluetooth which permits hands totally free calling through a Bluetooth allowed mobile phone. It likewise comes with an FM traffic receiver and lifetime traffic subscription to help avoid traffic congestion. This can be a real time (and loan) saver. It operates on battery power for as much as 4 hours when disconnected from the truck power supply. This permits you to take it into the truckstop with you to plan the rest of your path.

A down side to the Nuvi 465T is the 4.3 inch display screen which makes it smaller than the previous 2 bigger screen GPS for trucks.

For info where to discover a side by side contrast of these 3 Garmin GPS for trucks, read the resource info at the end of this article.

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