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After visiting a regional Hibachi grill and watching the chef carry out, my very first thought was, that looks a little hazardous but secondly I thought he needs to truly have some well balanced premium cutlery great santoku knives. I make sure he didn’t get his knives at the local “Big Mart” so I began doing a little research study.

I went to Amazon, one of my preferred on line stops and started browsing. I was surprised to see they had more than 11,000 items noted under kitchen flatware and in fact had actually an area entitled “Asian Knives” with over 900 items noted. Discuss choice and confusion! Under the listing for Asian Knife there was 7 categories. The two most popular were Santoku knives with 500 plus and Deba knives with 70 plus listings. Next stop, Wikipedia.

So what type of Asian knife is a Santoku knife? A Santoku knife is a blade between 5-8 inches in length and has a flat edge and a blade that curves in an angle approaching 60 degrees at the point. The Santoku has less “rocking” travel in contrast to a Western-style Chef’s knife so the slicing action is a little bit different than what you may be utilized to. There is much more you can check out at Wikipedia however I believe the genuine distinction has to be kept in mind with a hands on experience.

When it comes to a Deba knife, another knife I didn’t know existed, Wikipedia states Deba or Deba Bocho literally translated ways pointed carving knife. This kind of knife is utilized in most cases for beheading fish and after that to fillet the fish. They run in measure to about 12″ in length and in fact been available in right hand left hand and center cut versions. Also utilized for other meats and sculpting.

And if you are trying to find an Asian knife the list goes on including sushi knives, veggie choppers, sashimi knives and more.