National Waitress Day Style Up Yourself

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Those not in the service market don’t realize what a difficult job it is to be on the wait personnel at a restaurant or bar. Long hours on your feet and little pay, other than for pointers made, make this vocation one that can consume the weak and wimpy. Thanks to National Waiters and Waitresses Day, held every May 21st, patrons every type of dining and drinking facility have a chance to recognize the work these servers do day in and day out.

It is standard protocol to leave a suggestion of 15% for service in a restaurant and ideally 18 – 20% or more if the service was much better than standard. Some individuals do not bother paying the idea which is unconscionable considering that wait personnel doesn’t even make base pay shoes for waitressing. On National Waiters and Waitresses Day, it would be a great gesture to leave your server a little something extra along with a smile – something they do not get often enough.

Here’s another suggestion; a fun way to celebrate this day of “dishing it up” is to dress up in a waiter or waitress outfits. Gown up in a waitress or waiter costume and “serve” supper in your very own house, imagine the surprise of your family when they order from printed up menus and are tended to with your flawless manners and service. Ideally, they’ll turn the tables and do if for you next year.

Waiter outfits run the range from casual to official. The most stereotyped waiter outfit consists of a starched white dress t-shirt, black trousers, a black bow tie and a white half-apron tied at the waist. A little, pencil-thin mustache and haughty mindset would add a dose of humor to any event. In October, frightening Halloween costumes predicated on waiters are popular including a men’s waiter outfit that features a head on a platter!

Outfit ideas for waitress costumes vary from gaudy, retro-diner inspired outfits. Motivated by the character Flo on the 70s tv show “Alice”, a restaurant outfit includes a uniform-looking, collared dress with an apron. Use sensible shoes, a substantial bouffant wig and smack on gum! Remember to bring along a little note pad for taking orders and stow away the pencil behind your ear. You could likewise don roller skates and be a vehicle hop waitress. Another popular womens outfit is to impersonate a barista in a coffee bar. Made after the apron-look of staff members at the most common coffee shop in the nation, this barista costume puts an attractive spin on selling coffee!